As on May 2015, there were 1.5 million apps on Google Play and 1.4 million apps on Apple App Store alone (Source: Several hundreds are getting added every month. How do you make sure that your app does not get lost in the clutter?

Vavia’s performance-based mobile advertising platform helps your app get the limelight it deserves. Using our platform you can run both rewarded and non-rewarded advertising campaigns.

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Achieve top app store rankings

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Get incremental organic installs

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Reduce your Cost per Installation (CPI)

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Track and measure your campaign’s performance

Our appRank solution helps in acquiring users for your mobile app by rewarding them for downloading and trying your app. These campaigns usually help in acquiring large volume of users at relatively lower costs. We drive upto 100000 installs per app everyday on these campaigns.


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Acquire quality users for your app

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Over 500 handpicked publishers to choose from

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Improve your Customer Lifetime Value

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Track and measure your campaign’s performance

Our appAcquire solution helps you run campaigns using banner ads and recommendations across our publishing properties. Users are informed about the salient features of the app and are redirected to the appropriate download platform. Usually these campaigns help in acquiring high quality users with better retention. We drive upto 10000 daily installs on these campaigns.

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Quick & Easy on-boarding

We take care of the geeky stuff so that you can concentrate on your campaign.

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Targeted Campaigns

Target customers based on location, connection type and browser.

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Multiple Ad Formats

Choose from varied ad formats-native, interstitials or video

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Global Publishers

Access quality publishers from across the world.

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Performance-based pricing

Pay only on actual installs (CPI).

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Real-time Reporting

Track campaign performance in real time using an easy-to-use dashboard.