First of all give yourself a pat on the back. You have not only built an app but also have managed to get considerable traffic to it. In a scenario when customer attention is a scarce resource, you have actually done a good job. Now, why not monetize this traffic?

Vavia’s performance-based mobile advertising platform helps publishers monetize their apps and generate additional revenue.

our solutions


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Once you sign up to our Publisher Portal, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to you. Based on your audience profile, you will get expert one-to-one advice on which brand apps to promote on your app, how to promote and when to promote.


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Our appPremium solution helps you to find an alternate way to earn through your premium content. The access to your premium content is restricted by using a gateway. This gateway contains advertiser sponsored offers. The user can access the content on the other side of the gateway by completing the offer (eg: submitting an email ID). And you receive commissions on every valid completion.


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Use our appRecommend solution to recommend advertiser sponsored apps based on your audience profile. Every valid install of the advertiser’s app earns you revenue.

the vavia AD-vantage

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Complete Control

You have complete control on the ads you want to run.

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One Point Contact

Our extensive network ensures that you do not have to deal with multiple agencies.

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Earn from Day 1

Get $100 on integrating your app to our platform.

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Weekly Payouts

You receive your payments weekly which are higher than industry standards.

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Dedicated a/c managers

A dedicated team to answer all your queries on time.

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Tested Offers

In-house testing of offers to optimize campaign success.