“To be or not to be” was the Philosopher’s question. “To incent or not to incent” is the Mobile App Marketer’s question.

While opinions are divided on which form of mobile advertising is more superior, we believe that both incent and non-incent ads have their unique pros and cons and can be used to achieve specific marketing goals.

What is an Incent or Rewarded ad?

Simply put, incent ads are those which incentivize the user for completing an action. The action can be an app download, referring a friend, submitting an email ID, etc. The incentive or reward can vary depending on the advertiser and the publisher. It can be anything from a mobile recharge to a “life” in a game.

What is a Non-Incent or Non-Rewarded ad?

Non-Incent ads do not offer the user any reward on completing the action. The user engages with the ad out of choice or personal interest.

Comparison between Incent & Non-incent ad

Incent Ad
Cost to the Advertiser Less expensive
No. of Installs Higher
Effect on App Rank Exponential increase
Quality of User Mediocre
Customer Lifetime Value Less, as users are in it more for the reward
Churn Rate Higher
User Engagement Less
Non-incent Ad
Cost to the Advertiser More expensive
No. of Installs Lower
Effect on App Rank Gradual increase
Quality of User High
Customer Lifetime Value More, as users are in it out of personal choice
Churn Rate Lower
User Engagement More

Both Incent and Non-incent ads have their respective usage in mobile app marketing. If you have launched a new app and want to grab some attention, incent is the way to go. More installs mean that you reach the top of the charts faster and gain more visibility. With more visibility, chances of organic installs also improves manifolds.

However, if you want more engagement, active users and better monetization, non-incent is the key.

An ideal mobile marketing plan should involve a healthy mix of both incent and non-incent.

If you would like to know which ad – incent or non-incent – is better for your app, contact us today! We would be happy to help!